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{Jul 23,2014  - 0}

So I noticed my dear friend Touko starting up sketch commissions and I thought that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start them myself! I have time on my hands and a new computer to save money for, anyway.

I’m doing sketches for 7 USD and colored sketches for 10 USD, so message me if you’re interested! (the works above are examples of colored sketches, for more artwork please visit my blog)

I will only be accepting payment via paypal.

((also please go visit touko’s blog which I linked above, he has some great artwork so go commission him already!)) 

{Jul 23,2014  - 28}

I finally finished this! It may be a print later on. Also drawing dragon age fanart is slightly helping me cope with the long wait for Inquisition, which I’ve pre-ordered!

{Jul 10,2014  - 16}


look at these cakes i made

i guess these are artistic enough to put here

{Jul 10,2014  - 0}

requests are still open! they will be for another hour!!!!

{Jul 10,2014  - 17}

I found that ask in my inbox today and OHMYGOD I’M SO SORRY I FORGOT ABOUT IT but here it is, a few weeks late ;w;

{Jul 10,2014  - 0}

welcome-tobrightvale replied to your post: i’m doing some art trades n’ requests!…

Art trade?? :D

Yeah sure! Just send me an ask with your request and I’ll think of something myself :D 

{Jul 10,2014  - 1}

i’m doing some art trades n’ requests! I’m doing one trade and three requests, so be quick! 

{Jul 9,2014  - 3}

look guise i fixed the arm

also that little goober in the corner is supposed to be a mabari 

{Jul 7,2014  - 0}

I filled out an application for Tracon 9’s artist alley! I hope my porfolio got through and that they think it’s good enough to pass for the tables c: The convention will be around September so if I get that table I’ll be updating this blog with prints which I’ll be selling etc. ((suggestions for prints/bookmarks/whatever are welcome, just go and hit my ask box!)) 

{Jul 5,2014  - 2}

another wip! that hand looks really awkward i know :’D it’s gonna be flaming with fenris’ weird lyrium power so maybe then it’ll look a bit better